Show club "Wild Girls" - the first club at Lithuania with the unique turning around pole. This striptease club's appliance is a novelty in striptease world.Idea was found recently and finally reached Lithuania. Futhermore, visitors will be amazed by club's poles - their height is even 4 metres. "Wild Girls" - one from a few clubs, which is open every day. Every night there visitors can admire from continually dancing charming girls. For them ready complete striptease programme. Club's interior prevailing with oriental motives. For visitors it's possibly not only sit down, but also to lie down on the mattresses and pillows, with witch carpeted floor and part of the walls. When already softly settled in, at cozy atmosphere it is time to start smoke waterpipe.

Unconventional menu
Besides usual menu, witch prices, on comparison, are moderate, club is offering one's special menu : for some amount visitors will get striptease lesson with professional mistress (teacher) ,can participate in floor-show and reveal one's unique capabilities , can invite to dance or communicate with appealed dancer, waitress, or even hostess (administratrix), and can order many other unconventional services. Particular (strict) visitors, wedding eve (hen-party) members are welcome guests at seperate VIP room. For extra payment there can be ordered private striptease show.

You can enter to "Wild Girls" club only through "Lithuanian Wild" club. You can pas time in both clubs without additional entrance fee all night. Entrance fee to "Wild Girls" only 10 EUR.